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Special Events
Rates and Hours
Monday - Thursday
$3.50/Game 5.00/Game
$18.75/Hour $26.50/Hour
10AM-4PM 4PM-6PM 6PM-11PM
$18.75/Hour $32.99/Hour $34.99/Hour
8AM-4PM   4PM-6PM
$32.99/Hour $32.99/Hour
Sunday and Holidays
8AM-3PM   3PM-8PM
$32.99/Hour $34.99/Hour
Shoe Rental
All Ages $4.59

Prices subject to change without notice.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Strike Night
After 9 P.M.
$2.99per game

Wednesday, Thursday
Quarter Mania
After 9 P.M.

College Night
After 8 P.M.
$2.99 Bowling Games With Your School I.D.

Beat The Clock
$1.50 per game. increases $.50 per hour until noon

Monday, Tuesday
Unlimited Bowling
*Bowl as long as you want
*Some restrictions may apply
$15 per person at 4pm


Wednesday, Thursday

After 9 P.M.

Bowling Games - 3 Quarters

Shoes - 3 Quarters

Soda - 3 Quarters

Hot Dogs - 3 Quarters

Churros - 3 Quarters

Pretzels - 5 Quarters

Pizza Slices - 3 Quarters

Tutti Fruitti - .25 per oz

$8 Cover Charge Per Person


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

9 pm - Close

Bowling - $ 2.99 per game

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Free Pass Restrictions

*No Free Passes Accepted On Friday or Saturday after 4:00 pm*
*Limit one free pass per person per day*


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